Fallen Angel LIVE at Shark City, Glendale Heights, IL – July 6, 2012


Shark City – Glendale Heights, Illinois – Friday, July 6, 2012

Fallen Angel is:

Wolfe – Lead Vocals
K – Guitar, Keyboards, Effects, Backing Vocals
Savarra – Bass, Backing Vocals
CJ – Drums, Backing Vocals

Single Set:

  1. God Like Me
  2. Tear
  3. Fade
  4. Death
  5. Addiction
  6. Emily
  7. Shattered
  8. Let Me Out

It has been written throughout the centuries that a fallen angel “is an angel who has been exiled or banished.  Often such banishment is a punishment for rebelling.”  Fallen Angel, currently performing in and around Chicago as well as throughout the Midwest, accepts such punishment, all in the name of furthering their extremely striking, and awe-inspiring rebellious craft.

So how does one define the original music performed by Fallen Angel?   Do these works fall under the heading of Symphonic Metal?  Maybe Hard Rock?  That’s one of the great things about Fallen Angel: These angels don’t fall for the label game debate.  One can best describe their music as “FallenAngelMusik.” Don’t waste your time trying to figure them out – just enjoy the show!

The Gothic archways and imposing fences adorning the stage create an ambiance of anticipation as each member enters.  Everyone’s individual entrance enhances the marked difference between band members.  Each member has his or her own look, presence, and swagger exhibited in every stride.  These four parts cleverly assemble into the one – Fallen Angel – that all have come to see.

No better fitting, more haunting show commencement can be found than in a performance of the live show staple, God Like Me.  CJ, Fallen Angel‘s skilled percussionist and rhythmic backbone, delivers pumping, thunderous fury in this great song, initiating the concertgoer into Fallen Angel’s unique Rites of Summer.  As a fellow drummer, I am impressed by CJ’s talent that enables her to flow from roaring, primitive beats to fairly complex polyrhythms.

The stirring, Tear (as in she’ll tear your heart to shreds) is complimented by the delightful, strategically placed arpeggios performed by the equally delightful K, Fallen Angel‘s dynamic guitarist, who is literally the hardest working woman in show business (more about that in a moment).

With three quarters of the band being female (all of which who are strong, professional musicians, as well as drop-dead gorgeous), being the lone wolf could prove to be quite intimidating.  Not so for lead vocalist Wolfe, whose abilities as the master of this ceremony can only be topped by his versatility of range and vibrancy as a singer.  No song better highlights his outstanding abilities than Fade.  While looking around at the audience, it was readily apparent that he held them in the palm of his hand.

Death creates a dialog of sound and emotions, beginning with the first lead vocal appearance of stellar bassist and operatic chanteuse, Savarra – Fallen Angel‘s inspirational soul – delicately beginning a sequence in easy, 4/4 time of poignant, heartbreaking reflection.  Then the Wolfe goes on the attack in breaking 12/8 time, grinding out his side of the story with venomous abandon.  Employing unique, instrumental counter-melodic lines, back and forth this fight continues, with the only clear winner being the audience.

This type of song exemplifies the performance radiance that Savarra possesses.  It allows her to express her heart’s hidden vulnerability one minute, then transition into an injured, dejected antagonist the next.  The intriguing aspect is that as tumultuous a ride as this roller-coaster journey becomes, she is able to consistently maintain her rock-steady, overall perspective. Savarra is quite a remarkable performer.

Continuing this battle with vocal-tight additions by CJ in the song, Addiction, we arrive at my favorite highlight of the show, Fallen Angel‘s soon to be hit single, Emily.  This song contains all the melodic hooks needed to snag any listener, including an extremely colorful and interesting vocal blending, performed by all band members.  Emily places the listener in a frame of mind that he or she is actually hearing true fallen angels singing.  Remember this song: Emily.  It’s a song deserving Five Stars!

During the last half of the show – especially pertaining to  Addiction, Emily, and Shattered – guitarist K reveals that in addition to her extremely apt guitar chops, she is an all-around musician with a purpose – in fact, MANY purposes.  Quite often, K is performing guitar, intricate keyboards, cuing effects, AND providing quality support vocals ALL at the same time.  This band’s multi-tasker does not have an easy job, but performs it so fluently that under less experienced eyes, these efforts might go unnoticed.  Well I certainly noticed them!  Bravo!

The thunder and rain of Let Me Out tightens the hold Fallen Angel has maintained over their audience with one final, flexing grasp, and then as mysteriously as they appeared, they disappear…

Fallen Angel places every bit of themselves into their performance in an effort to give their audience a show to remember!  Many bands attempt this level of quality, but few succeed as brilliantly as Fallen Angel.  Seek this band out!  When Fallen Angel casts out their musical nets, you will be ensnared – and if you listen closely, you will hear the music of the gods.

You can find Fallen Angel at:  http://www.FallenAngelMusik.com

Fallen Angel on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FallenAngelOfficial

Tim McCarthy – Northwest Indiana Talent



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    Great review!

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  3. Great review and great band!

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